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Play-based learning is a great tool for helping kids to develop social and emotional maturity. Learning to negotiate, cooperate, communicate, and problem-solve are essential life skills. These interactions naturally lead to helping kids develop empathy.
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By the time they go to preschool, toddlers have learned how to interact socially with other children. By the time they go to school, a rapid increase in social skills can be observed. However, if the six-year-old has not achieved a basic level of social competence, this could affect the development of relationships in the future. Nevertheless, our findings about the influence of children’s preferences and family life and practices on their play with digital technologies throw doubt on claims that technological play has a universal impact for good or ill. Children’s choices, the options provided and encouraged by their families, and the presence or absence of a supportive adult at home or in an educational setting all make a difference to playing and learning with digital technologies. Three forms of learning were observed in educational settings and an additional form identified when children engaged with technologies at home.
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If your baby
doesn’t seem to have hit the mouthing phase, don’t panic. Some infants
experience it less than others, and it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong
with your little one. With these tips in mind, we can all embark on a spring clean this autumn, and reap the rewards of tidy toys and quality play. The environment, and the adult in the environment, mean everything to the child. Of all the ways to help nurture your kid’s curiosity, perhaps the most important (and the simplest) is to let them explore, discover, learn and satisfy their curiosity in their own way.