Difference between Commercial Roofing and Residential Roofing

Like PVC, make sure to regularly inspect the seams of an EPDM roofing membrane. Over time bonded seams can weaken from weathering, which can lead to gaps and eventual water damage. EPDM rubber roofing systems are also dark in color, attracting a significant amount of heat and accruing higher energy costs. Due to this, EPDM roofing options might not be the best choice in a constantly hot or sunny environment. The longevity of an EPDM roof is years but with regular maintenance and inspection can outlast those expectations. Shingle roofing is the roofing system of choice in most homes and residential buildings, with limited application in steep-slope commercial roofing.
My experience has been excellent; Debbie has stellar customer service skills and she is precise when communicating and very good on the follow-up of service schedules. The roofers are always very accommodating and their work is outstanding. G&G Electric Service, Inc. worked with Casey Fletcher on a job in Miami Lakes, they were all very professional and completed the task on time as they scheduled. By clicking ‘Send’, you consent for Roofing Webmasters to use automated technology to contact you at the number and email provided above regarding internet marketing services. Many businesses unintentionally confuse would-be clients by mixing up their service hours and solutions across their various listings. While they update their website or Facebook page regularly , they may neglect other sources that you can maximize.
Commercial Roofing replaced my roof, they arrived on time, did an excellent job and the crew was very professional and worked well together. Clean up was excellent as it looked like they were never there. Flat Roofing Barrie on our products to protect their most valuable assets—their health, home, vehicles, pets, equipment, and buildings. And because they perform time after time, our customers come back again and again. Continuous insulation in commercial wall assemblies provides long-term thermal performance for the building while protecting against air infiltration and moisture.
You can even get metal roofs that resemble shingles, Spanish tile, or wood shakes, giving homeowners superior durability in a traditional design. They are, however, one of the most expensive residential options, especially when using exotic metals like copper. Commercial roofing systems and residential roofs have essentially the same function – to protect property by preventing rain, hail, and melting snow from getting to the structure’s interior. When it comes to the materials utilized to create and install them, residential and commercial are rather different, however.
The reflective nature of TPO roofs deters heat, making it ideal for blistering geographic areas. The Flintlastic SA system delivers the time-tested performance of modified bitumen roof systems without the labor cost or health/safety hazards of hot asphalt, cold adhesive or torch welded products. A product for every project, big or small, from the company who has been manufacturing state-of-the-art roofing materials for more than a century. Like we mentioned, having a slope can help with water run-off and limiting excess water build-up.